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Pop up your website

With our hybrid working model, you learn to build your website with us as a guide, and we take over the hard technical parts.


Our goal: You get 100% control over your website.
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how it works

Hybrid model

It is a collaborative way to make your website. You learn with us and save time and frustration hours by skipping the challenging parts of the process because we will do them. Say also good-bye to agency prices.
  • Free start consultation
  • 3 Individual Workshops
  • Access to the learning platform
  • Support throughout the project

Your budget

We start with the basic services. Along with the project, you will see if you need more help and add-ons, like designer hours, support to make a blog, e-store, & more.
+ taxes
Learning platform:
  • 1) Making your Design
    2) Going no code
    SEO Intermezzo
    3) More on Webflow
    4) Ready to publish
You get:
  • Access to the learning platform
  • 3 Individual Workshops
  • Design advice
  • Style guide set up
  • Modules set up
  • SEO, Performance, Accesibility check
Not sure?

Give a try!

The hybrid work model is different from working with an agency or freelance. If you have more questions, write to me, and together we see if this work model is for you. We can also look at the design you need.
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Alicia Enciso

I am a visual artist and digital entrepreneur. I started making websites when the internet connection was through the telephone, in the 90's!

Webflow Munich Chapter

I am happy to lead this chapter!
Join me at our events!


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