Adding links

We can add an internal link or an outgoing link with three elements:

You can add links with three components:
-Link block

Pressing the white wheel, you will be able to add the link's content:  an external URL,  a page in our domain, or a section on the same page.

You can determine if the user opens the link in the same tab
or in a new one.
Add a photo of it.

When you link to a page on another site, you can expose your site to performance and security issues. To avoid it, you will add the HTML tag rel= "noopener" on the link's custom attributes.

This is only for external links, and this will help us to improve the accessibility of our site.

We have more insights from the SEO perspective in our SEO Intermezzo section.

Photo credits: Cover by Tamara Gore in Unsplash.

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