Why Webflow and not other tools?

The tools to make a web page have been advancing rapidly; I started making pages in the late '90s when "No doubt" was the music hit.  At web design, the font "Comic Sans" was the hit, believe it or not. The Styling code was written inside the HTML file. To upload the file to a server, we used FTP, and sometimes it was an odyssey when the Internet connection was made through the telephone connection, so the phone was busy when one was connected to the internet.

Back then, having a website was a luxury for most people and was practically a business card.

Web tools are advancing very fast, and tools like WordPress have emerged, giving the user the freedom to upload content freely, without the help of an expert. 

The purpose of Worpress was the Blog, and the community has been developing many plug-ins that make WordPress versatile making it possible to create all kinds of projects.  

However, the problem I see (and many other web designers) is the coordination of plug-ins and the wrong idea of giving the owner of the page the freedom to make as many changes as they want without breaking down the page.

A WordPress site enhanced with many plug-ins is not robust, the structure is fragile, and when an inexperienced update is made, it can cause the site to break down. It causes frustration on both sides, the clients thinking that they are independent but, in reality, are not, and the webmaster, be it a freelancer or an agency, has to repair.

Nowadays, having a website is not a luxury, and the website owner needs to be independent to make changes and update information. Besides WordPress, many tools like Square Space and Wix are easy to learn and use but have limitations in design and technical context.


Webflow, on the other hand, is very flexible and offers a lot of freedom in terms of design and layout, and technically speaking, it is very robust.

You get backups and versioning to preview and restore your site constantly, automatic backups.

Easy and powerful hosting

Webflow is Powered by Amazon Web Services & Fastly

"AWS provides a global infrastructure supporting millions of sites. While Fastly delivers your content in milliseconds." You can easily scale your site, and the price is according to your needs.

High-end quality 

It is an excellent option to make a DIY website but with the quality of an agency or freelance site. There is, of course, a learning curve, and exactly this is my purpose with the hybrid method: you don't have to learn the difficult parts that are so important that make a high-quality page.  You will only learn the steps and processes that you need to be independent of a web designer. 


Cover Photo Credit: Webflow

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