Tailor made for you

Basic site

Sometimes less is more, and a small site that rocks is enough to impact your customers. We take over with:
- One page with 5 sections
- Navigation bar
- Footer
- Styleguide

You fill in the content with text and Photos. With the workshops (3x60 min.) and learning platform, it will be very easy for you!
+ Taxes

multipages site

Need more pages? Home, Product page, About page and more. We take over with:
- Home page with 5 sections
- Navigation bar
- Footer
- Styleguide

You fill in the content with text and Photos. With the workshops (1x60 min. and 2x90 min.) and learning platform, it will be very easy for you!  You will also learn how to add new pages and reuse layout elements. We assist you at our slack channel.
+ Taxes
Sat. 27 Nov / 10:30 am CET


Bringing your business online- first step: a good website.
We will explore your options for a website and its pros and cons: the Creative Lab, a DIY website, working with a freelance, and hiring an agency. You will clear up your mind, and you will also get a clear path to start by yourself if you want to go on this journey.

Join the journey

intro call

Let´s meet

We make an online consultation so you can see if this hybrid method is for you.
1st workshop

Design session

We talk about your design; we will see which options suit you best. Lessons on Module 1 give you a big insight into this topic.
2nd workshop

Get into work

We will check the last details of the design and get started with our workshop to explore some core concepts for the website structure and work with Webflow.

I start on Webflow

Once the design is ready, I will start the project in Webflow, building a layout library with the home page, navigation, footer, and style guide.
3rd Workshop

Dive deeper

At the workshop, I will explain to you how to continue your website, and I will transfer the project to your Webflow account, so you have all the control of your project. Lessons of module 3  are going to be supporting.

You go!

You are ready to continue the project. I'll be available if you have any questions.  I can answer your questions per small zoom sessions or through my slack channel. Don't forget to take a look at the SEO Module.
Almost ready

Last Details

I will connect your Domain to the site. I will make an audit for speed, accessibility, and SEO.  Together, we will do a final check on different screen sizes, and we will make the necessary corrections.
GO! GO! go!


The time to publish your website has come. What shall we do? Well, celebrate this achievement!!!!

What you get

We start with the basic services. Along with the project, you will see if you need more help and add-ons, like designer hours, support to make a blog, e-store, & more.
starting at:
+ taxes
  • 1

    Individual Workshops

    You get 3 individual workshops: from design to publishing.
  • 2

    Learning Platform

    To support the topics in the workshops, we have a learning platform where you can learn again.
    • 1) Making your Design
      2) Going no code
      -SEO Intermezzo-
      3) More on Webflow
      4) Ready to publish
  • 3

    We do the hard work

    We set the website´s foundations professionally and with a clean code, even if we use non-code tools:
    • * Home
      * Style page
      * Library of your most used layouts
      * SEO Performance & Accessibility check
  • 4

    Ongoing Support

    After the workshops and starting your project, you will go on your own, but we support you.  We publish your website together!

Let´s get in touch

In the Creative Lab, you learn how to make a webpage that drives results for your business. Let´s have a chat to find out, together, how the hybrid model fits your needs!