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We nailed a workshop, especially for artists; with a small budget, you can make an awesome website for your portfolio. 

Showcase your artwork to the world with ease and affordability. Create a stunning website for your portfolio with our workshop special – perfect for artists on a budget!

-ONLINE- 2 Individual sessions + 2 sessions in Group
Individual onboarding
2 sessions workshop
learning platform
a time saver template
"Communication with Alicia was very easy, and the workshop was enjoyable. I am looking forward to publishing my page soon! 😃 😃"
Workshop 7 & 14 May
"I had always wanted to make a website for my portfolio, but I had not been able to do it with the complication of technology and lack of time. I was finally able to achieve my goal with this workshop."
"In a nutshell:
the workshop and consulting are uncomplicated and realistic. I invested my time and money very well."
Workshop 7 & 14 May

upcoming Workshop

  • 2 Individual sessions (60 min. each): onboarding on Webflow and our learning platform and one session before publishing.
  • 2 Group Workshops. 90 mins. each. (Max 5 participants.)
  • Access to the learning platform.
  • A time saver template, there are many options.
Next workshop:
Coming soon
10:00 - 11:30 am
You will be able to customize the template.

You will fill in the content with text and photos. The workshops and learning platform, will help you to do it in an easy way.

You will also be able to add more sections any time you want.

And of course, you will  manage your portfolio with a daba base.

*We are using Webflow with the CMS hosting plan not included in price.

Why you should join

Save money
You save $$$, because you are independent of any agency or freelance.
Tested tools
We already have the best tools chosen and tested over and over again. Spoiler alert, we use Webflow.
100% Control
You have control of your website, blog, store or anything you need.
No frustration
You save the frustration of building your portfolio by your own and alone.
It is not just any DIY website but a website that will bring results.

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Let´s have a chat! Book a 15 mins. slot to talk about your project and find out, together, how the hybrid model fits your needs!
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