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Here you can get an idea of the content you will find in the learning platform. It is supporting material for the workshops.
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Module 1

The design

In this module, I support your design idea; we analyze if it is good to use a template or get a designer or find other options. You also learn to create the design base with a mood board. Here you find tips to make the wireframes.
WORKSHOP: 60min.
Module 2

Going no code

This module will instruct you on how to start building your website in Webflow without having to write a single bit of code. We will explore some core concepts for the website structure.
WORKSHOP: 90 min.
Module 3

More on Webflow

This module is where it all comes together! You'll learn about adding all of the finalized touches to your website, such as connecting to any external or internal links. We keep working on the responsive design and optimization for smartphone and tablet usage.
WORKSHOP: 90 min.
Module 4

Ready to publish

We will do all the final checks before you get to publish your new website! We'll measure pages speed and offer final optimization tips for mobile devices. You'll learn about linking your page up to google analytics and how to interpret that information.
Module extra

SEO Intermezzo

Here you find a solid knowledge of good SEO practices that can save you time, frustration, and many headaches for your business. By learning how to optimize your SEO, correctly size your images, adding metadata and other useful tips, you'll save yourself from running into any disastrous SEO mistakes in the future.

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